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New Jersey Municpal Court Attorney - If you have received a Ticket for any Moving Violation in New Jersey you may be subject to Fines and Motor Vehicle Points.   These points translate into Insurance Points and will affect your Insurance premium costs each year.  Some violations also result in Motor Vehicle Commission surcharges and are assessed for a  period of up to three years post conviction or guilty plea.  For More Information on our Municipal Court Services see our website at   Speak with a New Jersey Ticket Lawyer today for a free iniitial consultation. 


Some Common New Jersey Motor Vehicle Violations 


Speeding NJSA 39:4-98 et seq.


New Jersey Speeding Violations are serious offenses in New Jersey and in some Municipalities can result in jail time being assessed if the speed is excessive.  The amount of points assessed varies with the speed amount over the limit and can range from two points to five points.   


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Driving while Suspended NJSA 39:3-40


Driving While Suspended is another serious violation in New Jersey and can result in fines ranging up to $1,000.  Jail time is also contemplated if the offense occurs coupled with an accident resulting in bodily injury or if the original suspension was for failure to have insurance 39:6B-2 or any of the Driving While Intoxicated NJSA 39:4-50 or if it is a second or greater offense. Additionally depending on the circumstances an additional license suspension of up to two years can be issued by the Municipal Judge.  Moreover, if you allow a suspended driver to operate your vehicle you can be found guilty of this offense.  Speak with a New Jersey Ticket Lawyer today for a free iniitial consultation. 


Driving Under the Influence NJSA 39:3-50


This serious Offense can result in substantial fines and penalties along with jail time.   Usually the offense is based on the failure to perform a passing result on the newly instituted Alcotest, the breathalyzer currently in use and approved by the New Jersey Courts. You may also be charged with Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol.  A certified DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) will need to be called by the State as a witness in your case to establish a correlation between a failed urine or blood test and a failed psychophysical test done in the field by the arresting officer. If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence there are some defenses that have proved successful in winning these cases at trial.  If you refuse to submit for breath testing or fail to give a complete sample of your breath you can also be subject to these penalties. Furthermore, if you allow an intoxicated driver to use your vehicle you can be subject to the identical penalties and fines.  There are no Plea Bargains allowed in New Jersey for any DWI or Refusal violations and either a guilty plea or trial resolution is required.  No jury trials are available and no provisional Driver's Licenses are given upon any conviction or guilty plea.   Speak with a New Jersey Ticket Lawyer today for a free iniitial consultation. 


Truck and Commercial Vehicle Violations


The Lombardi Law Firm is one of the few Law Firms concentrating its practice on truck, bus and commercial vehicle violations.  We have represented some of the largest trucking companies traveling the New Jersey roads and highways.  If you have been charged with operating while overweight or overweight on the truck axles, failing to have a Diesel Emission Inspection, or IRP Registration or any equipment violations significant fines and penalties may be assessed.  Our firm is extremely knowledgeable on all Federal Motor Carrier Regulations and requirements and can defend your Commercial Driver License and carrier violations.   Speak with a New Jersey Ticket Lawyer today for a free iniitial consultation. 

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