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New Jersey Personal Injury Litigation


If you have been seriously injured in an accident the Lombard Law Firm can assist you in receiving the compensation you will require to repair your life.  The Lombardi Law Firm has over 20 years of trial experience and has resolved multi-million dollar cases.  Click and find out more about our Winning Results.


New Jersey Workers Compensation Litigation


If you have been injured in the course of your employment the Lombardi Law Firm can assist you in obtaining the Medical Treatment, Income Benefits and Permanency Award, Survivor Benefits and other available compensation under the Workers' Compensation Act. Click and find out more about the Benefits available under the Workers' Compensation Statutes.   


New Jersey Shareholder and Consumer Class Action Litigation


The Lombardi Law Firm has been appointed as lead class counsel and represented numerous shareholders and consumers in this complicated area of law.  If you are a shareholder who has been damaged by the actions of your publicly owned company in a merger or acquisition contact our office to discuss you case.  If you are a consumer who feels that a wrong has been committed and that others have also been victimized by an unscrupulous business or company contact our office to discuss your case. Click and find out more about our success in obtaining benefits for the Aggrieved Classes.


New Jersey Consumer Bankruptcy and Adversarial Proceedings


The Lombardi Law Firm has been representing and assisting individuals and businesses in obtaining Bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.  If your debts are crushing and overwhelming your life contact our office and obtain a Fresh Start today.  For a more detailed discussion of our Bankruptcy Practice and further information visit our website at


New Jersey Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Claims


The Lombardi Law Firm represents Physicians, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, MRI / X Ray Facilities, Pain Management Facilities, Physical Therapy Facilities and other medical providers obtain payment for their services through the filing of PIP Arbitration Claims.  These Claims currently administrated through Forthright Solutions, the authorized arbitrators, are complex matters and are handled expeditiously and professionally by the firm.  If you are a medical provider and are having difficulty obtaining payment for your services through New Jersey's Auto Insurers contact our office to discuss your issues.  Click here and find out about your PIP Claim.


New Jersey Municipal Court Violations


The Lombardi Law Firm has been representing the largest Trucking and Bus Companies on the New Jersey roads.  These entities are subject to special Federal Rules and Regulations requiring specialized knowledge of these laws to obtain acceptable resolutions of these violations.  We have also represented individuals regarding all motor vehicle violations and Driving Under the Influence matter.   If you are a CDL License holder or Truck or Bus Company and have any questions about a ticket or other violation you have received contact our firm to discuss the affect of the violation on your License and Company.  For a more comprehensive look at our Municipal Court Practice visit our Website at 


New Jersey Real Estate Purchase and Sale 


The Lombardi Law Firm has been assisting both individual and commercial entities in a wide range of property matters.  If you are a home buyer or seller or a commercial landlord or tenant our firm can assist you with your legal needs.  If you have a contract issue related to your purchase or sale we can also help resolve the issue if litigation becomes necessary.  Click here to find out more about your Real Estate matter.


New Jersey Business Formation


The Lombardi Law Firm can assist you in forming your new business venture.  Choosing whether to become a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Professional Corporation (P.C.) able are difficult decisions and each carry advantages and disadvantages.  Click here to find out more about the different types of Business Entities.


New Jersey Business Sales and Purchases


The Lombardi Law Firm can assist you through the complicated process of selling or purchasing a business.  Whether to structure as an asset sale or stock purchase carry different consequences and challenges and often trigger State compliance events. Tap into our Firm's years of experience when selling your business.  We have represented buyers and sellers of small and multimillion dollar business entities.  Our Firm can also assist you in transferring and obtaining all classes of Liquor Licenses and can instruct you on how to sail through the Town or City review process.  Click here to learn more about your Business Sale or Purchase

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