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New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyer - Our office handles all trip and fall and slip and fall accident cases.  The law in New Jersey regarding slip or trip cases is evolving and changing every year.  Liability depends on the status of the injured person on the property.


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Business Invitees - New Jersey Premises Liability Lawyer 


Call our office today to discuss your case with a New Jersey Trip and Fall Lawyer.  Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Injuries are complicated litigation matters.  The main issues deal with who are the correct defendants.   If you have slipped on ice or snow or a foreign substance in a commercial premises the responsible party must be quickly identified.  Typically responsibility is split between the land owner who has a nondelegable duty to provide a reasonably safe premises.  This requires that snow and ice conditions be remedied within a reasonable time after a weather event.  Typically the land owner attempts to delegate this duty to a commercial tenant in a lease agreement or even a snow removal company.   Typically these accidents occur in large supermarkets or department stores.  If you have sliped and fallen in The Home Depot, Lowes, Target, K- Mart, Sears, Pathmark, A & P, Foodtown, Shop Rite, CVS or any other retailer in New Jersey retain our lawyers to protect your rights. Commercial land owners have an obligation to maintain the sidewalks abutting the property.  Identifying the correct parties is a critical step in obtaining recovery for a slip and fall injury.  If the fall occurred in the interior of a commercial premises typically the commercial tenant may be the only party responsible however if the fall was caused by faulty construction of a stair case or railing the designers or contractors that constructed the cause of the fall can be reached for compensation.  The duty of a land owner to a business invitee is the highest duty created by law in New Jersey.  Call our office today to discuss your case with a New Jersey Trip and Fall Lawyer.


Tenants and their Guests  Actions against Landlords - New Jersey Tenant Injury Lawyer


Tenants are owed a duty of care by their Landlords to protect tenants from foreseeable dangers.  This duty has been interpreted to protecting tenants from assaults that occur not only on the Landlord's property but also adjoining properties if facts show the injury was foreseeable usually requiring prior similar assaults or injuries. A landlord in a multiple dwelling has the responsibility of maintaining the premises in good repair.  However, the landlord's liability for injuries caused by conditions on the property is governed by negligence principles.  For a landlord to be held liable for a dangerous condition on the demised premises, he must have known or should have known of the condition prior to the occurrence and had an opportunity to correct it.  An exception to this rule is where the landlord created the dangerous condition.  A landlord has the duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining those portions of the premises under his control "in a reasonably safe condition for the use and enjoyment of tenants and their guests."    That duty includes "the exercise of reasonable care to guard against foreseeable dangers arising from the use of the premises."  Call our office today to discuss your case with a New Jersey Trip and Fall Lawyer.  A landlord's duty of care extends to the common areas that remain in his control and to areas inside the tenant's apartment where the landlord has undertaken maintenance and repairs, and includes the obligation to disclose known dangerous conditions in the demised premises.

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