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New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer - Many Truck Accident cases bring out complicated issues in a Personal Injury litigation.  Call now to speak directly with a New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer.   If you have been injured you should call our Truck Accident Attorneys for a free consultation.  The first consideration is who is the correct defendant in the case.  Many times Trucks are leased and hired by Brokers to carry loads.  These are all potentially responsible parties in the case.  Typically trucks are repaired frequently at outside facilities and these repairs are done improperly leading to accidents.  Sometimes it is the trailer that breaks down causing an accident and the trailer is owned not by the tractor tailer operator but by a different shipping company.   All of these situations create complicated considerations for those injured in accidents with trucks.  Identifying the correct Defendants can significantly impact the amount of Insurance Coverage available to compensate injured drivers.  Call today to speak with a New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer. 



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Moreover, if you are an owner operator or truck driver the situation becomes more complicated as most Truck Insurance Policies do not have any medical treatment bill coverage available.  This creates a situation where a Workers' Compensation claim is necessary and a claim against the other vehicles in the accident to address the permanent pain and suffering. 


Typically Truck owners and their Companies will also be subject to clean up and towing costs from unscrupulous towing companies that will amount to thousands of dollars.  If you are having issues with these claims our firm can help. To speak with our New Jersey Truck accident Lawyer call today for an immediate consultation. 

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